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Bail Bonds

Our Bail Bondsman's Hummer

The bondsmen at Bad Apple Bail Bonds have served St. Louis and its surrounding counties with integrity for over 10 years.  Since 2006, our bonding agency has lived up to its founders vision of being a client focused company with the highest ethical standards.

Bail Bondsmen

Every bail bondsman at our company knows how important it is for our clients to get back to their families and jobs.  They begin working to get your loved one released the moment you call, and do not stop until the job is complete.  Our bonding agency demands three things from its agent.  First, that they are local and available for our clients.  Second, that they provide our service as fast as it can be provided.  And, third, that they maintain the highest level of professionalism.  If your looking for a bondsman that lives up to these standards, call:

Bail Bonds Service

Though every bail bond is different, our bondsmen provide every client with three things: Understanding, Information, and Results. They understand what our clients are going through, and how to stay calm so they can get the job done. Our bondsmen work to keep our clients informed so they can make the best decision given their situation. And, above all else, our bondsmen get results, regardless of the obstacles.

Bail Bonds Process

For those who do not know what bail bonds are, it can be simply explained.  Bail bonds are a voucher that a bondsman uses in place of cash to make a clients bail.  These vouchers are backed up by their assets, which are frozen through the Missouri Department of Insurance.  However, our bail bonds service considers it our responsibility to do much more.  Our bail bonds organization maintains a commitment to our clients through the entire bonding process. We work with our clients to find solutions from the time they are released, to the time their case is settled.

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Bail Bonds Locations

The bondsmen at Bad Apple Bail Bonds are available to post bail bonds 24 hours a day in St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren Counties. Each bondsman in our company works from a different location to provide immediate service in each county.

St. Louis Bail Bonds

Bail bonds in St. Louis County are posted at the jail in Clayton MO.  Bondsman can post bonds in Clayton jail 24 hours a day.  Our bondsmen meet our clients in the jail to fill out paperwork, exchange payment, and post bonds.  Our process usually takes around 15-30 minutes depending on the time and day.

St. Louis Bondsman

Our St. Louis agent has over 10 years experience. They have access to all available information about cases, and can answer any questions about bail bonds in St. Louis County. Most importantly, they are dedicated to finding the best solution for our clients, so they can get their loved ones out of jail and back to their families and jobs immediately.

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St. Charles Bail Bonds

Bail bonds through St. Charles County are done in the courthouse during normal business hours and through the jail at night and on weekends.  Our bonding agents meet clients in the location where the bond will be posted.  The bail bond process at St. Charles County jail usually takes about 10-30 minutes depending on the time and day.

St. Charles Bondsman

Our St. Charles agent has over 15 years experience. They work to get the best information and pricing for clients so they can walk away knowing they made the right financial and legal decisions. Our St. Charles County bondsman has distinguished themselves professionally for over 15 years. Give us a call, and let them continue their tradition of excellence.

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