How Bail Bonds Work

Understanding how bail bonds work is simple:

  1. The court sets a bail amount for the defendant.
  2. A bondsman uses a surety bond to cover the bail amount.
  3. The defendant is released, but still must attend their court date.
  4. If the defendant goes to their court date, the bondsman is released from his liability.
  5. If the defendant doesn’t go, the bondsman must either forfeit the amount or bring the defendant back to jail.

The Bail Bonding Process

  1. Contact us.  Our agent looks up the case, answers any questions you have, and provides the price for our service.
  2. Once we have agreed on a price, our agent meets you at the jail to post the bail bond (24 Hours a Day).
  3. At the jail, we fill out the necessary paperwork, and exchange payment (Cash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard).
  4. Your loved one gets out of jail and back to their life.