About Us

Bad Apple Bail Bonds was founded by Anthony and Sherry Melson in 2006.  Their goal was to create a professional, client focused bail bonds agency that maintained the highest ethical standards.  To date, this has been the case.  Call now to speak to a bondsman near you.

Bad Apple Bail Bonds

Bad Apple Bail Bonds distinguishes itself through its core values (fairness, diligence, caring, punctuality), and through the experience, honesty, and authenticity of its agents.  Our core values, and our agents’ professionalism is the bedrock of our commitment to our clients.

Our Organization

Bad Apple Bail Bonds has served St. Louis and its surrounding counties with integrity for over 10 years.  Our organization has thrived because of our commitment to our clients.  Our bondsman working for their clients even when things go wrong.  We do not stop working after we get our clients out of jail, we work with them through the entire process of being out on bail.  Court cases can be long, and their are many details that can cause a problem.  When this happens, we stay on our clients’ side and work with them to get their case back on the right track.

Bondsman Near You

When you call our office, you will reach a licensed bail bond agent.  At that moment, you will have a reliable, experienced bail bondsman on your side.  They can answer any questions you have about bail bonds or the bonding process, and have access to any information you need about your loved one’s case.  Call now, our agents are available 24 hours a day, and will get to work on your case the moment you call.